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Vehicle Donation

cardontationweb adWe are excited to announce the Boy Scouts of America vehicle donation program supported by a national agreement with Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. and One Car One Difference. This program provides a new way to provide support for your council, as well as drive awareness for the Boy Scouts of America nationally. IAA has also invested in a public awareness campaign, One Car One Difference, to increase the public’s understanding of the value a donated vehicle has to an organization such as the Boy Scouts of America. 

This link will lead potential donors to the website. The website will request a few pieces of information from the donor to get started, and the rest is managed by the IAA team. Once the donor vehicle has been sold, proceeds will be processed through the national office and returned to the council from which the donation came. Yes, you heard correctly; all you have to do is direct donors to the site and IAA will take care of the rest!

You will also find below the website address and phone number specific only to the Boy Scouts of America vehicle donation programs. Both the website and the phone number are unique to the Boy Scouts and will assist in tracking all vehicle donations and help us ensure the program is a success for all involved. 


Boy Scouts of America

Vehicle Donation Website:

Toll-Free Boy Scouts of America

Vehicle Donation Line:

855-272-1227 (855-BSA-1CAR)


Thank you in advance for your participation in this easy yet powerful program that will generate mission-critical funding for your council.

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