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Click here to download the “2013 Popcorn Inventory Transfer Form”

Use it to transfer product between Units and ensure that the changes are reflected in your final inventory for the sale. Fill it out and send/fax/email it back to Council and keep a copy for yourself.


Need help getting your Unit set up for Online Selling? Two resources for getting started are the:

Online Selling Information - Leaders

Online Selling Information - Scouts

Now you can sell popcorn to all of your out-of-town friends and relatives without having to worry about delivery or billing.  Just use the site to send out personalized emails so that your Scouts will get credit for the product that they sell.  Good luck!


Popcorn has arrived! Now it’s time to pick up.

September 21st is Pick Up Day

Attached to this newsletter is the schedule for popcorn pick up day. Each district is assigned to a different delivery location. Below are the addresses for each location.


It is crucial that your unit shows up at the designated time so that next Saturday will run smoothly for everyone.

Reads Moving Systems

(Baden-Powell, Washington & Roosevelt)

2600 Turnpike Drive, Hatboro ,PA


BBL Pipe Company

(Continental & General Nash)

2194 Detwiler Road, Kulpsville, PA


Green Ridge Fire Company

(Conestoga & Minquas)

2900 Dutton Mill Road, Aston, PA


Keystone Mercy

(Northern, Triune, ScoutReach & Roosevelt)

200 Stevens Drive, Philadelphia, PA


Valley Forge Scout Office

(Constellation & Lafayette)

1485 Valley Forge Road, Wayne, PA

 Use these resources to help grow your Popcorn Sale in 2013!

This slideshow can help you during your Unit Kickoff; it is a condensed version of the presentation from the county kickoffs: Unit Popcorn Kickoff Presentation

Not sure how much “Show and Sell” product to order? Use this fillable Excel spreadsheet that can guide you through the best mix of products: Show And Sell Calculator

Calculate your Unit’s 2013 Sale Goal with this handy Sales Goal Worksheet, or see just how much potential your Unit has to sell with the Sales Potential Worksheet.

Interested in selling online? Here are some informational guides to creating your Trail’s End Account as both a leader and as a scout.

Many units are now using free mobile credit card readers and apps on their smartphones to get that extra sale! $1000 of transactions in sales will only cost your unit about $27 and more units are finding success with this every year. “You don’t have any cash? That’s okay we accept credit card!”

Use this template to print double-sided Scout Script and Product Listing Cards for the Scouts to use as a reference while selling Popcorn.

Here are PDF versions of the Take Order Products and Take Order Sheet in case you find yourself in a pinch and need to print out some extra!

For nutritional and allergen information about Trail's End popcorn, please visit:

At that site you will find detailed information about gluten, dairy, nuts, trans fats, etc. as it relates to the Trail's End popcorn products. 

Let us know that your Unit is interested in participating in the Popcorn Sale this Fall by filling out the one-page 2013 Unit Commitment Form. We’ll be able to contact the correct person at your Unit and give you all the best resources to aid in your sale. Send the form back to us at, or give it to your District Kernel or Unit-Serving Executive. Thanks!

2013 Summer Popcorn Kick off Information Sessions

July 30th -                                                                      August 1st - 

Montgomery County Kickoff                                               Delware County Kickoff

Cradle of Liberty Council Office                                          Aldan Union Church

1485 Valley Forge Road                                                     7 E Providence Road

Wayne, PA 19087                                                               Aldan, PA 19018

6:00PM Dinner                                                                    6:00PM Dinner

6:30PM Program Starts                                                       6:30PM Program Starts 


July 31th -                                                            August 14th - 

Philadelphia County Kickoff                                                  Make Up Kickoff

St. Martin of Tours(School Hall)                                            Cradle of Liberty Council Office

5450 Roosevelt Blvd,                                                              1485 Valley Forge Road

Philadelphia, PA 19124                                                         Wayne, PA 19087

6:00PM Dinner                                                                       6:00PM Dinner

6:30PM Program Starts                                                          6:30PM Program Starts


2013 Popcorn Sale Dates


August 20 - 

Popcorn System ready to go date 

August 30 - 

$10K Orders Due 

September 6 - 

Show and Sell Orders Due

September 21 -

Show and Sell Pick-up Day

October 26 - 

Return Day @ Read’s & Take Orders Due

November 9 - 

Take Order Pick-up & Prize Orders Due

December 2 - 

All Money Due to Council


Commission Structure

$0 - $6199 = 30% Commission

$6200 - $9,999 = 35% Commission

$10,000 + = 40% on everything over $10,000


                   $12,000 in sales

                   $10,000 at 35% = $3500

                     $2,000 at 40% = $800

                   Total Commission = $4300



Retail Price

Premium Chocolate Lovers (Tin)

$ 75.00

Chocolate Lovers (Box)

$ 55.00

Sweet & Savory

$ 40.00

Cheese Lovers

$ 30.00

White Chocolatey Pretzels

$ 26.00

Caramel Corn with Almonds/Pecans

$ 16.00

Dark & White Chocolatey Drizzle

$ 16.00

18-pk Unbelievable Butter

$ 18.00

18-pk Butter Light

$ 18.00

Buffalo Cheddar Cheese

$ 15.00

Bacon Ranch

$ 15.00

Sour Cream & Onion

$ 15.00

Kettle Corn

$ 15.00

Caramel 11 oz.

$ 10.00

Popping Corn

$   8.00

$30 Military

$ 30.00

$50 Military

$ 50.00 


Wawa Lottery

Please read the information below for Wawa’s show and sell policies and procedures.

Sales Dates for Cradle of Liberty Council: Saturday, October 5 & Sunday, October 6

In order to be eligible for the Wawa lottery a unit leader must complete the Online Popcorn Form. The Unit will be entered into a lottery for a Wawa location of their choice. Each unit will choose the lottery pool they want to be in for their top 2 locations.

The reason for the reduction in available Wawa’s:

This is NOT a personal preference of the local store manager. Each store's Area Manager (within PA) has a check list of safety issues they evaluate before deciding whether a particular Wawa store is safe to allow people to stand out front. This list includes whether the store's porch area has enough depth to allow at least 10 feet between a table and the store's entrance doors, if the store has concrete poles to stop cars from entering the porch area, does the store have adequate parking available, and even crime/traffic accident issues, etc.  Unfortunately people hit Wawa stores every year with their cars. Wawa tries their very best to always put safety of their customers and associates first. 

Information for Units when at a Wawa Location:

The individuals that will be representing your organization during solicitation must be at least 10 feet away from the main entrance door and remain in the location designated by the Store Manager on Duty. No solicitation is permitted inside the store. A solicitor’s vehicle must be parked in the space directly in front of the solicitors and must remain there unless the manager requests that it be moved. An adult must be present at all times if minors are making the solicitation (only two minors are permitted at any time). All participants agree to abide by all rules and restrictions imposed generally by Wawa or by the Store Manager on duty. The solicitation must be limited between the hours of 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

  Valley Forge Office | Rogers S. Firestone Center | 1485 Valley Forge Road | Wayne, PA 19087 |               610-688-6900


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