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Troop Advancement Goals

The Scoutmaster is in charge of advancement in the troop. The troop’s program must provide advancement opportunities so that, by participating in the troop program, the Scout will meet requirements for rank advancement.

The Scoutmaster may delegate various activities to others, such as a troop advancement coordinator, Eagle advisor, assistant Scoutmasters, etc. References to “Scoutmaster” in the official resources generally includes those to whom the Scoutmaster has delegated specific duties.

A basic troop advancement goal should be for each Scout to advance rank during the year. New Scouts should earn the First Class rank during their first year in the troop. Research has shown that First Class in one year aids in retention. This is one of the items in the Journey to Excellence.

Presentation of merit badges and rank badges should not await courts of honor; they should be presented at the next meeting after they have been earned (and after the advancement report is filed with the Council Service Center). Scouts are recognized again at a formal court of honor.

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