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Visitor and Group Passes and Infomation for the Jamboree

Visitor tickets will be available to BSA members exclusively through May 31st.

Beginning June 1 the tickets will be available to the general public for purchase.

On line purchases are limited to 8 tickets per person/transaction. All requests for group ticket sales must send an email to with “Group Visitor Tickets” in the subject line. 

                                   Jambo Day Pass


Visitor tickets are now available for purchase online. Invite your family, friends, neighbors, and any other Scouts to come and visit this summer’s greatest thing ever—the 2013 National Scout Jamboree!

Visitors can do everything that is available in the Scott Summit Center—including BMX, skating, climbing, and zip lines, view all the exhibits, and even attend the Saturday night AT&T Stadium Show. And they can do it all together with you … if you want them to.

Tell everyone to go to Here they will find everything they need to know about schedules, pricing, and how to register for their visitor ticket today. It’s easy!


 See you at the Summit in July.


We're talking serious High Adventure!

You want to be among the first scouts at the first National Jamboree at the Summit!
   • White Water Rafting
    • Zip Lining
    • Mountain Biking
    • Hiking
    • Rappelling
    • Climbing

The location for this National Jamboree is the all new Summit Bechtel Reserve which is adjacent to the New River Gorge National River Park, a breathtaking area!

A National Scout Jamboree is a gathering of thousands of Boy Scouts, held every four years and organized by the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Referred to as the "Jamboree" or National Jamboree, Scouts from all over the nation and world have the opportunity to attend.  It is considered to be one of several unique experiences that the Boy Scouts of America offers.

The first Jamboree was scheduled to be held in 1935 in Washington, D.C. to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Scouting, but was delayed two years. The 2010 National Jamboree celebrated 100 years of Scouting in the US (1910 to 2010).  The Jamboree offers many activities for youth participants and the 300,000 members of the general public who visit it. It is considered to be Scouting at its best.

Our mission is to provide the Scouts pure enjoyment in the spirit of Scouting, while creating the very best memories of the National Jamboree, which will last them a lifetime.  Involvement at the National Jamboree will allow them to have fun and provide opportunities for them to grow in character and learn values that will help them throughout life.

And did we mention that it was going to be Outrageously Fun!

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