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What do Scouts do?


Cub Scouts:

Cub Scouts (boys first grade through fifth grade) meet in small groups called dens, for weekly meetings. Once a month, all the dens meet together as a pack. Often that monthly meeting will involve a fun activity. Cubs and their families take part in events such as the pinewood derby model car race, raingutter regatta model boat race, or a space derby model rocket race; or there could be a picnic, trip to the ball game, etc. .

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Boy Scouts:

Boy Scouts (boys ages 11-17) usually meet once a week as an entire troop, and then have some kind of group activity once a month – typically a weekend campout. Scout troops are encouraged to attend a week of summer camp each year at the Resica Falls Scout Reservation, or another Scout camp in the area (the Scouts themselves usually decide where they want to go, with adult leadership having the final say). Scouts also have the opportunity to enjoy amazing High Adventure opportunities, such as backpacking in New Mexico at Philmont Scout Ranch, Activites are far and wide and only limited to the imagination and will of the Troop

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Venturers/Sea Scouts:

Venturers and Sea Scouts (young men and women ages 14 – and have completed eighth grade – to 20) enjoy a dynamic, specialized program that normally focuses on specific topics like wilderness survival camping, emergency preparedness, high adventure camping, search and rescue training and more. Typically a Venture crew or Sea Scout ship will meet at least once a month, then have some kind of monthly event or trip. There may also be social events that happen several times a month, depending on the group. Awards in the Venturing program emphasize teaching skills to others, so it’s not unusual to find crews serving as staff members for some training programs. For more information about Venturing, visit the Venturing group by clicking here.

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