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Today, young people are faced with many challenges including fragile families and disintegrating neighborhoods. Scoutreach meets the developmental needs of youth in urban settings as diverse as the Latino neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles and the housing developments of Washington, D.C. The program also focuses on the U.S. rural population, which constitutes approximately 25 percent of the total U.S. population. Some rural communities are stable and growing, whereas others are characterized by centralized, low-density populations and/or poverty.

Scouting, by emphasizing ethics and moral values, addresses many of the social concerns of parents and youth in our country. Scouting prepares urban and rural youth to be leaders, to accept responsibility, and to care about principles and causes beyond their own self-interest.

Our biggest asset in urban and rural neighborhoods is a well-defined program based on values, learning by doing, fun, and positive role models.


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Check out this wonderful video about one of our packs in Philadelphia. The team from Media Imagery did a wonderful job highlighting the great work being done in the areas that need it the most!

The ScoutReach Program of the Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA is a council-assisted program which helps to meet the developmental needs of young boys in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware Counties.  By emphasizing ethics and moral values, ScoutReach addresses many of the social concerns of parents and youth in the area.  ScoutReach expands Scouting to all youth and clearly portrays that Scouting is for everyone - including the disadvantaged and minority youth.  Our mission is to ensure that Scouting is available to all youth regardless of their circumstances, or ethnic background by providing special leadership and emphasis to inner-city Scouting programs.


ScoutReach Rewards - Scouts who live up to the Cub Scout Promise are recognized with the ScoutReach Rewards Program.  This program allows Scouts to earn their uniform, handbook, badges and Pinewood Derby Car.  All points are earned through the ABC's of Cub Scouting (Attendance, Behavior and Cub Scouting).

Adult Leaders - Adult leaders, or Program Specialists, are hired to serve as Cubmasters.  They are responsible for running Cub Scout Pack meetings, tracking Cub Scout advancements and rewards and recruiting volunteers.

Area Company Sponsors - Local companies and organizations such as the Philadelphia Phillies, Comcast-Spectacor and the Wagner Museum assist ScoutReach by providing activities and events for our Scouts.  Keystone Mercy Health Plan is a major supporter of the ScoutReach Program.

Families Helping Families - Man yof our traditional Packs and Troops see the value of developing quality Scouting in our inner-city neighborhoods.  These families have pooled their money and resources to Sponsor a Pack.  They also invited their sponsored Pack (or "Brother Pack") to go camping with them to help provide better quality Scouting.

Good Guys - Often, families will join a ScoutReach pack to provide much needed adult male role models for their son.  Occasionally, that pack is lead by a female Cubmaster.  The Good Guys Program aims to fill that void by providing positive, adult male role models such as firefighters, police officers, laborers, doctors, businessmen and other professionals.  "Good Guys" visit Cub Scout Packs in the area and teach Scouts about their profession, hobbies, etc.

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