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Quality Unit Executive(QUE)

 We’re excited to announce that the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University will be studying our Scouting programs over the next three years.  This is an exciting opportunity to measure the character development in our youth as well as the effectiveness of a new model of professional service: the Quality Unit Executive(QUE) program.   

Through a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation, we have been able to expand upon the number of QUEs as well as retain a very talented team of researchers from Tufts to conduct this ground-breaking study.  Our eight Quality Unit Executives will work directly with our Cub Packs to train leaders, recruit youth, and ensure a strong and quality program for our Scouts.

In addition to working with you as members of the Cradle of Liberty Council, Tufts is also seeking participation from parents and children outside of the Boy Scouts organization. This aspect of the study is necessary in order for them to show how the BSA may be similar to other youth programs and/or unique in what it offers to youth and how it contributes to the development of youth in the U.S. We would greatly appreciate Any help in getting the word out about the study and finding members of your community that would be interested in participating (like schools/classrooms, church groups, recreation centers, after-school programs, etc) would be greatly appreciated.  Click here for more information.  

We hope that all of the volunteers in the Cradle of Liberty Council will support this momentous project, and we always welcome your feedback or questions.  For questions related to the research study, please contact Lacey Hilliard at and for questions related to the QUE program or the Council's role in the study, contact Chris Tomlin at

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