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Scouting Magazine E-Edition

In the current issue:

  • Advancement FAQ's
  • Trail Tips
  • Robotics Merit Badge
  • How to Earn Respect from Youger Scouts
  • Is It Ever O.K. to Tell A Lillte White Lie?

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News & Updates

  • How to Join the BSA
    How to Join the BSA

    Recently recieved one of our fliers or seen an ad on tv? It's time to join Scouting!

    Joining the Scouting program has never been easier for you and your potential Scout. In conjunction with other area Scouting groups, we have developed a site, dedicated to helping you find a Pack, Troop or Crew in your area.

    The website has now been implemented Nationwide and is available for you today. Click the link above to get started. Simply enter your age group and location. We are standing by!

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