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Silver Beaver Award Nomination Featured

Silver BeaverThe Silver Beaver Award is the highest national award presented by a local council to individuals for noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth. Each local council may present only a limited number of Silver Beavers each year, which makes this a very prestigious award for those whose record of service to youth is most outstanding!

Awards will be presented at the Annual Council Recognition Dinner.


  • The nominee for the award must be a registered volunteer Scouter within the Cradle of Liberty Council.
  • The nominee must be 21 years of age or older.
  • The nominee must have rendered noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth within the territory under the jurisdiction of the council.

This award is not given for service solely to a unit or district, nor is it given as recognition for tenure. Service at the council, regional, or national level is required; if there is no such service, the nomination will not be considered.


This nomination is confidential. To avoid possible disappointment, do not advise the nominee of your action on his/her behalf. The nomination form is available here. Nominations may mailed or delivered to:
Cradle of Liberty Council
1485 Valley Forge Road
Wayne, PA 19087
Attention: Joe Leiss, Silver Beaver Awards

Nominations may also be emailed to Joe Leiss.

Nominations must be received by noon on January 15, 2015.

  Valley Forge Office | Rogers S. Firestone Center | 1485 Valley Forge Road | Wayne, PA 19087 |               610-688-6900


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