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Weekend Programs

Planning a weekend camping trip at Musser Scout Reservation? We are proud to offer excellent programs for our year-round camping groups.  Take a look a what's being offered. 

APEXweekendsDon't miss our exciting events that will challenge your most experienced teens, while still being fun for the younger Scouts! 

APEX: Wilderness Cooking and Survival Challenge: April 11-12Click HERE to Register!

The APEX: Wilderness Cooking and Survival Challenge is a Saturday-Sunday event that promises to be a delicious mix of learning wilderness cooking and survival skills and putting them to the test! Scouts will spend Saturday during the day learning these skills, and then spend Saturday night and Sunday Morning putting the skills to use as they cook their dinner and breakfast, and stay overnight in a shelter they build! This is a rain or shine event!

Who: The event is open to all Boy Scouts, Venturers, and adult leaders

When: The event will start at 9:30am on Saturday, April 11th, and will wrap-up at 10am on Sunday, April 12

Where: Registration and Closing will take place at the Camp Hart Parade Field, Musser Scout Reservation. The Camp Hart Address is 1125 Camp Road, Pennsburg, PA 18073

What: This event will be a patrol-style event where each patrol will learn cooking and wilderness survival techniques and them put them to practice by preparing their Dinner, sleeping shelter and breakfast. If whole patrols register, they will be put together, and if individual scouts register, they will be put in the provisional patrol. Adults will form separate adult patrols. All food will be provided for the participants, as well as

What’s the “Challenge” Part? – Each Patrol will be given scores at each station of teaching based on their participation, as well as their timing, cleanliness and unique qualities of their meal.

Timeline of Events:


              9:00: Registration

              9:30: Opening Ceremonies

              9:40: Patrol Teambuilding

              10:00: Cooking Techniques

              12:00: Lunch

              1:00: Patrol Teambuilding

              1:30: Survival Demo Round-Robin

              3:30: Shelter Building

              5:00: Dinner Prep.

              6:00: Dinner

              7:00: Clean-up

              7:30: Capture the Flag

   8:30: Final Shelter Prep

              10:00: Bed


              8:00: Breakfast

              9:00: Shelter and Cooking Clean-up

              9:45: Closing Ceremony and Awards

              10:00: Dismissal

Skills Covered:


-          Safe Food Handling

-          Dutch Oven Cooking, Box Oven Cooking

-          Unique Cooking Methods, including Foil Pack, Orange, Eggs in a bag

-          Menu Building

Wilderness Survival:

-          Fire Starting

-          Shelter Building

-          Water Purification

-          Survival Techniques

Packing List

No Uniforms are needed!!

Clothing - Pack for the weather and remember you will be sleeping out at night Rain or Shine!

Only shelter materials you are allowed to bring to camp are a tarp and rope

Sleeping Bag

Mess kit with Knife, Fork and Spoon

Venturing Weekend: April 24-26 - Click HERE to Register!

Join us for a Venturing Night the first Monday of every month for more information! 

Save the Date:

September 26: APEX: Ropes (Climbing), Bows, Barrels (Shotgun and Rifle) and Hawks Day

November 7: Health and Safety Day

Don't miss out on these exciting Cub Scout Events at Musser Scout Reservation this Spring and Fall:

Bait-N-Bullseye-logoBait and Bull's-Eye: May 2 - Click HERE to Register!

Bait and Bull's-Eye is a fun event for the whole family! Cub Scouts and their siblings can participate in a Fishing Demo, practice fishing along our creek and lake, learn how to cook fish over a fire, and enjoy Shooting Sports activities like BB Shooting, Archery and Slingshots! Don't miss out on this day of fun!

Cub Carnival: June 13 - Click HERE to Register!

The Cub Carnival is all about having fun in camp! We don't structure the day, so the Cubs and their siblings can go around camp at your leisure to the stations you enjoy the most! Stations will include a bounce house, Handicrafts, Nature, Fishing, Archery, BB Shooting, Gaga and Lassoing! 

Webelos Woods Weekend: September 26-27

This weekend trip is the perfect activity to kick-off the Fall for current Bears and 4th-grade Webelos! Scouts will get to enjoy a weekend at camp that will prepare them to be Boy Scouts and feel more comfortable in the outdoors. Throughout the weekend Scouts will participate in different activities that work on the new adventure tracks! Give your Scouts a head-start with this fun event.

Fall Festival: October 17, 18, 24, 25, 31 and Nov 1 - Registration Live August 3!

The Fall Festival is a family-oriented day that is aimed to feel just like a day of summer camp! Cubs and their siblings will have the opportunity to go around in a rotation enjoying their camp favorites, such as BB Shooting, Nature, Handicrafts, Archery, 3-man slingshots, a cooking demo, Scout skills, and fun fall activities!

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