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Learning For Life
Learning For Life

Serves the Exploring and Learning for Life programs throughout the Council.

Cradle of Liberty Council is proud to offer Learning For Life's Navigators program to area high schools.

The Navigators program serves to guide youth in making a successful transition from high school into real-world endeavors, including post-secondary education, acquiring a job, being a productive citizen, and establishing and maintaining positive relationships with others.

The Learning for Life High School program, when combined with our “real-world” Career Exploring program is designed to optimize each student’s college and career readiness with a unique blend of academic curriculum, character & leadership development and hands-on career experiences.

There are two books included in the High School program.

One book is entitled: “A Personal Compass for Daily Living”:

  • Habits of Character
  • Service to Others
  • Ethical Dilemmas


The second book is called “A Roadmap for the Future”:

  • Life Skills
  • Career Education
  • College Life
High School Program Samples
Level Table of Contents Sample lesson plan
Book 1: A Personal Compass for Daily Living Contents Sample Lesson Plan
Book 2: A Roadmap to the Future Contents Sample Lesson Plan
Leadership Development Guidebook Table of Contents Sample Lesson Plan


Supplemental High School program materials:

  • “Personal Safety Awareness” DVD
  • “The Leadership Workshop Series” DVD
  • “Leadership Development Guidebook for Teenage Youth” teachers guide
  • “Life Choices: A Career Game” CD ROM – This is an interactive game that presents situations that require a selection that involves character and could have career implications. The game culminates with an interactive job interview. See the online demo of this game.
  • Drug Abuse Prevention guide for Teens: This is a publication created in cooperation with the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). It is aimed at helping give teens information on the dangers of drugs so they can make good choices. It can be downloaded free of charge.


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