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Congratulations to our Camp Card "Strive for 25" winners! Entries for upcoming drawings are due to the council office each Wednesday by 5pm; use any of our 12 collection points. Keep them coming each week for a chance to win fabulous prizes. 

Week 10 Winners:

  • Christian I. Troop 334, Northern  - $25 Gift Card
  • Amir P. in Troop 358, Northern - $50 Gift Card
  • Michael S. in Pack 100, Roosevelt - $75 Gift Card
  • Nathan B. in Pack 1884, Washington - 50% Campership to a Cradle of Liberty Camp

Week 9 Winners:

  • Hayden M. in Troop 141,General Nash  - $25 Gift Card
  • Nathan M. in Pack 1228, Roosevelt - $50 Gift Card
  • Dale S. in Troop 141, General Nash - $75 Gift Card
  • Damier D. in Pack 316, Minquas - 50% Campership to a Cradle of Liberty Camp

Week 8 Winners: 

  • Gary G. in Troop 226, Roosevelt - $25 Gift Card
  • Nathan B. in Pack 485, Conestoga - $50 Gift Card
  • Christopher M. in Pack 372, Roosevelt - $75 Gift Card
  • Miquel A. in Pack 100, Roosevelt - 50% Campership to a Cradle of Liberty Camp

Week 7 Winners:

  • Keanu C. in Troop 316, Minquas - $25 Gift Card
  • Dominic V. in Troop 44, Conestoga - $50 Gift Card
  • Ryan M. in Pack 10, General Nash - $75 Gift Card
  • Jacob D. in Pack 414, General Nash - 50% Campership to a Cradle of Liberty Camp

Week 6 Winners:

  • Gavin B. in Pack 267, Lafayette - $25 Gift Card
  • Daquan S. in Pack 372, Roosevelt - $50 Gift Card
  • Nicholas A. in Pack 724, Lafayette - $75 Gift Card
  • Mark C. in Troop 63, Conestoga - 50% Campership to a Cradle of Liberty Camp

Week 5 Winners:

  • Daniel P. in Troop 100, Roosevelt - $25 Gift Card
  • K. Ashley D. in Troop 338, Northern - $50 Gift Card
  • Matt W. in Troop 39, Washington - $75 Gift Card
  • Cameron S. in Troop 11, Roosevelt - 50% Campership to a Cradle of Liberty Camp

Week 4 Winners:

  • Bart T. in Troop 43, Conestoga - $25 Gift Card
  • Wracce W. in Troop 63, Conestoga - $50 Gift Card
  • Sean B. in Troop 174, Roosevelt - $75 Gift Card
  • Ian C. in Pack 334, Northern - 50% Campership to a Cradle of Liberty Camp

Week 3 Winners:

  • Nick L. in Troop 14, General Nash - $25 Gift Card
  • Collin P. in Troop 43, Conestoga - $50 Gift Card
  • Tobey L. in Troop 219, Constellation - $75 Gift Card
  • Travis C. in Pack 195, Triune - 50% Campership to a Cradle of Liberty Camp

Week 2 Winners:

  • Daniel W. in Troop 358, Northern - $25 Gift Card
  • Jayson T. in Pack 1228, Roosevelt - $50 Gift Card
  • John M. in Troop 72, Washington - $75 Gift Card
  • Jacob G. in Pack 724, Lafayette - 50% Campership to a Cradle of Liberty Camp

Week 1 Winners:

  • Jacob H. from Troop 178, General Nash - $25 Gift Card
  • Isaiah G. in Pack 195, Triune - $50 Gift Card
  • Shane M. in Pack 155, Roosevelt - $75 Gift Card
  • Max F. in Troop 355, Conestoga - 50% Campership to a Cradle of Liberty Camp

If you are a winner and have not been contacted yet, please email Bill Waters or call 484-654-9229 to choose your gift card type or email Tracy Launders or call 484-654-9213 to have a campership applied to a summer camp reservation.


Does your unit have a story to share? Email

Troop 563 has sold more than 1000 Camp Cards, their conservative goal is 1500, but they think they can do 2000. They have 200 out with individual Scouts and an additional 200 allocated for a big sale at our Masses on Sunday. They just picked up another 250 to cover our sales push this Saturday, and for anyone who needs more for personal sales. They've had entries in every single drawing so far. One of their Scouts has already paid for his week at summer camp and the APEX week at Musser Scout Reservation. Another Scout has completely paid for his week at camp, and a few others are only a few card sales away. The remainder of the troop is still going strong, and are also very close to their goals.

Pack 100 and Troop 100 in Roosevelt District sold 169 Camp Cards in one weekend. They had approval to sell after the four masses at St. Martin of Tours Church.

Mateo V., a Tiger Scout of Pack 16 in Triune District set a Camp Card goal of getting to camp. In one week he sold 50 cards! He went to police and fire homes near his home. Combined with his campership he has achieved his goal.

Troop 316 in Minquas District sold 50 cards in less than two hours at SEPTA Market East Station. If your unit would like to sell at a SEPTA station please contact your district executive to schedule a date, location, and get the required permit.

Austin S. of Troop 320 in Baden Powell District sold 100 cards over 3 nights and is now going to an extra week of APEX camp at Musser Scout Reservation.

Pack 25 in Scoutreach District completed a Camp Card Blitz day going door to door in lower Kensington. Despite pouring rain the unit sold 100 Camp Cards in their quest to get to camp!

Ten Scouts in full uniform from Pack 676 in Scoutreach District spent five hours at the Willow Grove Mall and sold 200 Camp Cards. 

Pack 1126 in Scoutreach District participated in the St. Patrick's Day Parade and sold 130 Camp Cards during the parade.

Jaiden T. from Pack 375 in Conestoga District used the Modell's 10% off to save over $40 on camping gear! Plus he had a Modell's card and received an additional $20 in rewards. One card saved over $60!

Brothers Skyler and Tobey L. from Pack 371 and Troop 219 in Constellation District spent an afternoon in front of a local diner, with the owners permission, and sold 50 cards! 

Pack 537 of Moffet Elementary in Scoutreach District was doing mock sales presentations to the district committee members. The boys presented the cards so well the committee members bought 10 cards within 2 minutes. One committee member said "The boys presented so well I would hire them as salesmen if they were of age; very pleasant and determined!"

George L. from Troop 43 in Conestoga District has sold 75 cards! He was outside a local restaurant in Swarthmore for an hour and did some door to door sales.

Troop 563 in Roosevelt District had the most entries in the first "Strive for 25" drawing with 11. That's 275 Camp Cards!

Jimmy M. from Troop 219 in Constellation District asked the owner of a local hardware store if he could sell in front of the store. He sold 50 Camp Cards a little more than an hour. 

Troop 14 in General Nash District is headed to Sea Base in 2016! Each Scout is committed to paying his own way. They have scheduled neighborhood blitz days, show and sells and door to door. They have already sold more than 200 Camp Cards and Will A. leads the way with 60.

Nice work and keep up the good work!

More Camp Cards, "Strive for 25 Turn-in", Payments

Each week we have twelve locations to distribute additional Camp Cards, turn in payments and "Strive for 25" entries. For locations and times click here.

How do I sign-up my unit?

The easiest is to go to, click here, and complete the online commitment form. We will get you your cards and sales kits in about 48 hours.

I don't know if our unit is participating...

Talk to your unit leadership. You can participate as a unit, a den, a patrol or even as a small group. We want to help you get your Scouts to camp. 

As we near the beginning of the Camp Card sale excitement is growing. It is great opportunity to assist your Scouts in paying for their summer camp programs. See below to learn more as well as get an update regarding Vendors, Restocking Fees and Building Unit Goals

Card Vendors vs. Selling Scouting

While we recognize that the vendors are a key component of the Camp Card we need to remind everyone that we are selling Scouting. Each Scout that asks someone to buy a Camp Card is doing so to help get to camp – That is Scouting! A buyer is supporting that Scout to go to camp while the card is more of a recognition item of their support. 

We have finalized the 2014 Card and are pleased to announce that the following vendors are confirmed: ShopRite, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Philly Pretzel, Papa John’s, Applebee’s, Bruster’s, Please Touch Museum, Ride the Ducks, Philadelphia 76ers and Buck’s County River Country.

Restocking Fee

Many have asked why the council has added a restocking fee in 2014. The simple answer is we had to throw away too many unsold cards in 2013. It is the goal of the council to work with every unit to avoid the restocking fee. By building a unit goal and ordering cards in installments we believe we can avoid the restocking fee all together. For example, a unit that sold 250 cards last year and wants to sell 500 cards this year may start with an initial order of 400 cards and then come back for more. Reorder, reorder, reorder will be the answer to this. The council staff is committed to delivery your reordered cards within 48 hours if you are unable to pick them up at the council office.

Building a Unit Goal

We have heard from many units that they need assistance to set a reasonable sales goal for the Scouts and the unit. In answer to this we have built two models that can assist you with setting those goals. Download this flyer, click here 

Strive For 25 Turn in

At the unit orientation we will be announcing weekly turn-in locations in each district. You will turn in the 50% for each set of 25 cards and the youth’s name(s). We will announce winners each week on the website. This will also be an opportunity for your unit to get additional cards.

Google Map for the Camp Card Locations, click here

  Valley Forge Office | Rogers S. Firestone Center | 1485 Valley Forge Road | Wayne, PA 19087 |               610-688-6900


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