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Record Keeping

Each troop is responsible for keeping its own records and reporting advancement to the local council service center on a Unit Advancement Report form. Awards cannot be purchased or presented until the advancement report has been filed with the council office. Computer-generated advancement reports may be used.

Cradle of Liberty Council encourages all units to use Internet Advancement for submitting advancement reports.  Internet Advancement gives the Troop more control over the accuracy of each Scout's advancement records; this can be a particular benefit when the Scout submits his application for Eagle Scout.

There are various resources available for tracking advancement at the unit, including a Troop/Team Record Book, No.34508; Individual Scout Record, No. 34518; My Trail to Eagle (advancement chart), No. 3418; Troop/Team Advancement Chart, No. 34506; First Class – First Year Tracking Sheet, No. 34118.

In addition, there are non-BSA software programs available, such as TroopMaster, which will track advancement and produce advancement reports. TroopMaster can also interface directly with Council’s software (ScoutNet) using Internet Advancement.

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