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The Boy Scouts of America provides recognition for Cub Scout achievements. A fundamental purpose of advancement is the knowledge and self-confidence a boy acquires from his participation in a den and pack. Requirements serve as the basis for a Cub Scout's rank advancement.

For a complete and up to date listing of all Awards and Advancements, check the National BSA Site.

As a result of a concerted effort by volunteers and professionals, significant changes are coming in the Cub Scout advancement program.  The primary objective of these changes is to match the program to the wants and needs of today's youth. The changes were also done to provide more FUN in the program. These changes will become dffective June 2015 (or the beginning of the program year in September 2015).

First, what is NOT changing:

  • Family Focus – Scouting has and will always be a family program
  • Maintaining the concept of “Akela” as the Leader.
  • Cub Scout sign (Wolf Ears), salute, handshake, and motto (“Do your Best” – how we judge accomplishments)
  • Rank system (Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, WEBELOS, and Arrow Of Light).
  • Outdoor program
  • Delivery Model – Most of the advancement will be done at den mtgs.
  • Other recognition
    • Cub Outdoor Program award
    • Summertime Pack award
    • STEM & STEM Nova award

What is Changing?

  • ONE Oath and Law – Retiring the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack and use the Boy Scout Oath and Law
  • Pack and Den activities will align more with the Aims and the Mission of the BSA
  • Tiger Cubs will officially be known as Tigers and they will have a new image
  • Adventures will replace Achievements: it will take 2 to 3 meetings to complete one Adventure, for which Belt Loops will be awarded.
  • Current “Immediate Recognition” items (Tiger Beads & Tracks, Wolf & Bear Progress beads, WEBELOS Compass Point pins) will be discontinued
  • Arrow Points will be discontinued; boys will continue working on Adventures Belt Loops
  • Sports and Academic Program will be retired; the best of the program will be incorporated into several of the Adventures
  • For WEBELOS, Adventure Pins will replace Activity Pins
  • WEBELOS prerequisite for Arrow of Light have been removed
  • An Adventure was created to give a better understanding of the WEBELOS to Scout transition plan for boys, leaders, and parents

Additional information is available on the national website.

Cub Scout ranks are generally based on grade level and/or age. No matter what age or grade a boy joins Cub Scouting, he must earn his Bobcat Badge before continuing working on the rank appropriate for his grade / age.




Tiger Cubs



Wolf Cubs



Bear Cubs




Fourth, Fifth


The Arrow of Light is the highest award in Cub Scouts and can be earned as a Webelos.  The Arrow of Light is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout Uniform.

Additional information on these ranks is available on the national site.

Cub Scouting recognizes the importance of education. To reinforce the academic achievement of members, there are special pins and belt loops that are available to reinforce Cub Scouts school work.

Information on National Site

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