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Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts

Boy Scouting is for boys who are 11, or are at least 10 years old and have completed the fifth grade or have earned the Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award, through 17 years old. Boys experience a vigorous outdoor program and peer group leadership with the counsel of an adult Scoutmaster to achieve the BSA's objectives of developing character, citizenship, and personal fitness. Camping, fun with friends -- and more. It

District Chair

Scott Storrer

District Commissioner

Ed Smith

Senior District Executive

David Bryan

Quality Unit Executive

Greg Woznicki

Training Chair

Paul Heiney

Advancement Chair

Sarah Robinson

Eagle Board Chair

Dr. Paul Wissel

Program Chair

Jim Hasselman

Membership Chair

Stephen Dominski

Popcorn Kernel

Ed Connolly

Civil Service

Kate Hiebert


Neal Oberholtzer

Community Friends of Scouting

Ira Saligman

Family Friends of Scouting

Bob Monroe

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Note: The link proceeds to Google maps, then clicking on the icons on the map will bring up information about each troop including meeting location and contact information when available.

In order to provide efficient access to Constellation District troop leaders, periodically the Council's online Merit Badge Counselor list for the district has been exported into a convenient spreadsheet. Access is provided below.


click here to submit password

Contact Neal Oberholtzer, Constellation District Communication Director, for the password. Password will only be provided to Scout leaders. Scouts should contact their Scoutmaster for contact information.


The following are instructions provided by COL Council if you choose to pursue full access to the online Merit Badge Counselor listings for all districts.

Scoutmasters & Troop Committee Chairmen:




The Cradle of Liberty Council Advancement Committee has been in the process of making the Merit Badge Counselor list available online, to help out Scoutmasters and other Troop leadership to easily provide accurate counselor information to their Scouts.


We are pleased to share that this list is now accessible online, searchable by both district and badge.


The publishing of this list is done in conjunction with the National Boy Scouts of America Policy, as listed in the BSA Guide to Advancement. You are receiving access to this database due to your position as either a Scoutmaster or Troop Committee Chair, and should only share it with the appropriate leaders within your Troop.




“Give attention to protecting counselor privacy. Limit access to those who have merit badge–related responsibilities, such as advancement committee members and chairs, or unit leaders and selected assistants. Scouts should not have access. Their interaction with the Scoutmaster in obtaining approval to work on a badge, and obtaining a counselor’s name is an important part of the merit badge plan.” (


The access to this list is available at under the Advancement Tab. This list is hosted through Doubleknot and is accessible with the following login information:


Username: contact
Password: contact


Use only this list when providing Merit Badge Counselor options to your Scouts, as these are the registered counselors within Cradle of Liberty Council. Counselors are required to be registered in order to counsel badges, as it means they have been approved for those badges, their background has been checked, and they have current Youth Protection Training. The safety of our youth is a top priority.


Should you notice any errors with the list, please contact your District Advancement Chair or District Executive, who will assist you in updating or re-registering any counselors as necessary. Please also reach out to these individuals for any questions concerning the list, Merit Badge Counselor registration or the Merit Badge program.

Thank you all for what you do, we hope this new format will allow you to better support your Scouts in the Merit Badge Program!






Want to become a Merit Badge Counselor,


Instructions for becoming a Merit Badge Counselor










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