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Camp Card Sale is Heating Up

As we near the beginning of the Camp Card sale excitement is growing. It is great opportunity to assist your Scouts in paying for their summer camp programs. See below to learn more as well as get an update regarding Vendors, Restocking Fees and Building Unit Goals

Card Vendors vs. Selling Scouting

While we recognize that the vendors are a key component of the Camp Card we need to remind everyone that we are selling Scouting. Each Scout that asks someone to buy a Camp Card is doing so to help get to camp – That is Scouting! A buyer is supporting that Scout to go to camp while the card is more of a recognition item of their support. 

We have finalized the 2014 Card and are pleased to announce that the following vendors are confirmed: ShopRite, Modell’s Sporting Goods, Philly Pretzel, Papa John’s, Applebee’s, Bruster’s, Please Touch Museum, Ride the Ducks, Philadelphia 76ers and Buck’s County River Country.

Restocking Fee

Many have asked why the council has added a restocking fee in 2014. The simple answer is we had to throw away too many unsold cards in 2013. It is the goal of the council to work with every unit to avoid the restocking fee. By building a unit goal and ordering cards in installments we believe we can avoid the restocking fee all together. For example, a unit that sold 250 cards last year and wants to sell 500 cards this year may start with an initial order of 400 cards and then come back for more. Reorder, reorder, reorder will be the answer to this. The council staff is committed to delivery your reordered cards within 48 hours if you are unable to pick them up at the council office.

Building a Unit Goal

We have heard from many units that they need assistance to set a reasonable sales goal for the Scouts and the unit. In answer to this we have built two models that can assist you with setting those goals. Download this flyer, click here 

Strive For 25 Turn in

At the unit orientation we will be announcing weekly turn-in locations in each district. You will turn in the 50% for each set of 25 cards and the youth’s name(s). We will announce winners each week on the website. This will also be an opportunity for your unit to get additional cards.

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